v0.01 Release Notes

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v0.01 Release Notes

Post by Gwa2100 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:36 am

v0.01 Release Notes
chickeneggscreenshot.PNG (6.05 KiB) Viewed 58 times
Chicken & Egg is currently in a very basic state. If you would like to try it out, shoot me a PM and I will see about providing a copy to you.

I have implemented a few features that will be developed on as I go. I plan to make this much better and bigger over time.

Starting Features:
A single chicken
Basic AI:
*) The chicken searches the map to find food or water sources. Once it is found, it will remember the positions and return as needed.
*) Basic Pathfinding AI - The chicken remembers where it has been and chooses to revisit blocks only after a determined time period.
*) Chicken has goals based on current needs.
*) The factors that govern the trigger moments of goals are currently hardcoded.
One Food Source and One Water Source
Text Based Rendering
*) Currently renders a tile based map via an ASCII text rendering system.
*) Can be resized.

Known bugs Unintentional Features:
Renderer will cause a segfault with maps larger than 20x20.
Sometimes when this happens, the default symbol for the map is changed to a '2'.
If you are unlucky and do not get the '2', you get a crash.

Current Goals for next update:
More Chickens!
More Water and Food Points
Dynamic Water and Food Points
*) The water and food points are exhausted and respawn on the map.
Larger Maps

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